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Camera history
Jan 23, 2017

Camera is Baird, feiluo·faensiwosi and weiladimier·sifuluojin of three separate inventions. From outside in the 1980 of the 20th century after analog monitor products entering the mainland China market, 20 years, almost dominance of foreign brands and products, although some national enterprises to participate in this competition, but never had a chance to form the mainstream national brands. 

With digital technology of high-speed development, security field full for digital transformation, since 2000 yilai, digital security market get has rapid of development, domestic birth has a emerging of digital monitoring products production enterprise, which to digital security products for representative of DVR production enterprise quickly rise, in short years time inside, will digital monitoring technology application to industries, for social of stable and unity made has active of contribution, while also makes original of monitoring market occurred has fundamental of changes, Analog products withdrawn from the market, digital security DVR as the major components are widely used in engineering, national brand products occupy a major share of the market.

From the industry on the whole, market demand is the integration of multimedia digital surveillance system, in accordance with the security requirements of users, combined with their own civil defense, formed to meet the actual needs of the security system, for video and audio surveillance, control and record storage. DVR products in the market was advanced by parts suppliers in the promotion of frozen core for universal digital surveillance. But the core of the DVR is digital compression and storage of video, for "control" content is relatively short. DVR in the practical application of the monitoring system is more to replace traditional analog video recorders, DVR technology in digital monitoring system for the early stages of development.

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