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Camera identification Imaging element
Jan 23, 2017

Imaging element like a person's retina, are the core components of the camera. At present, there is no capacity manufacture, most cameras on the market is Japan SONY, SHARP, Panasonic and other companies produce chips, Korea has the capacity to produce, but the quality is less. Common Imaging element is CCD (CMOS). The main distinction is that colors, sizes and brands of CCD.

(1) can be classified by color CCD chips color and black and white, color applies to the scenery detail to distinguish, such as identifying colors of clothing or objects. Apply black and white light is not sufficient area and night area lighting equipment cannot be installed, lower prices.

(2) the CCD chip in the target surface can be divided into the following sizes:

The size of the CCD target surface directly relate to the size of the camera, illumination has a certain influence, has nothing to do with clarity. CCD chip size, the greater angle is wider, higher prices. Chip is most cost-effective 1/3 inches and 1/4 inches.

(3) the leading brands of CCD chips are as follows:

Many businesses on the market known as the Sony CCD, secretly using SHARPCCD to covertly. Send samples using standard goods or commitments, delivery was replaced with low-end or mixed shipments. Also be aware of when purchasing. Product must be checks in place, especially at the time of purchase price significantly lower than the normal market price of the product. But generally cameras are posted on a "breaking security" labels, many contractors have worries. We encourage you to purchase major brands, and purchase at regular dealers authorized, in addition to random teardown inspection in a batch of CCD brand and size.