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Camera properties
Jan 23, 2017

Signal to noise ratio

It is the ratio of the signal level and noise level of videos. The index is an important index for measuring the quality of the camera. Signal to noise ratio is higher, the images clearer, higher quality, and usually more than 50dB.

Minimum illumination

Cameras need a certain brightness (illuminance) light conditions, if the light is below a certain illumination will not be able to see the image.

Minimum illumination (minimum illumination) is open to the widest aperture of the camera when using the maximum gain, according to the level required to reach the required value of the image. General in dozens of Lux.

DXC-537 minimum illumination: F1.8 13LUX +18dB

F1.4 7.5LUX +18dB

DXC-637 minimum illumination F1.8 1.5LUX +30dB

F1.4 1LUX +30dB


Sensitivity is based on color temperature of 32000K, 2000LUX illumination light reflection coefficient with 89-90% Gray card, taken with a camera, the image level when you reach the required value, index, F,F value, the greater the required aperture and higher sensitivity.