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Camera trends
Jan 23, 2017

First of all, industry opportunities for domestic DVR manufacturers to enter the market more "clever". In the DVR market, domestic manufacturers is based on the identity of the products entered in itself played a role in leadership and promotion of the product. Meanwhile, foreign manufacturers DVR products in the market and other areas of domestic manufacturers could not be branded pressure, which gives domestic manufacturers to enter and grow in space and time. In the video camera market, when domestic brands come in, foreign brands have their agents and in promoting education, received preliminary approval for the China market, and overseas manufacturers to layout the basic one by one fall in the Chinese market. Therefore, the camera brand made in China in the initial stage faced "foreign brands" to suppress competition.

Secondly, the DVR manufacturers have a high starting point and historical background. First DVR manufacturers comes from domestic scientific research institutes, when they were involved in the DVR industry, have a certain scale, technology research and development team, as well as more professional marketing system, even early fumble on the DVR, it can be considered "a torch along." Looking back at domestic camera manufacturers, they have not been so lucky at the start, and many of them are on their own when Agent "touch stones" slowly accumulated, how hard is relatively large.