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Camera use
Jan 23, 2017

Camera is very sophisticated and expensive equipment, should always pay attention to their safety when used. When he was taken out, to have a good, safe boxes, if transport is by coach, being careful to put the cameras in front of the car, to minimize the vibrations of the machine. Is the use and maintenance of the following methods:

1, protection of the LCD screen, digital camera LCD screens used in the process, can easily wipe away fingerprints or dirt on the adhesive, in addition to wipe outside with a soft cloth, you can also paste a transparent protective film, you can more effectively prevent the screen from being scratched.

2, camera personnel, pay attention to cable and VCR connections do not carry the machine runs, rather than cable and VCR connected to prevent cable VCR or torn by force too much camera cable in the connection.

3, camera in order to prevent the rain and wet. To avoid humidity, high temperature, please don't use sharp object scratched lenses, where the dust is large and strong magnetic fields using a video camera. These factors will make a lot of damage to the camera or machine failures.

4, since most cameras is the use of camera tube, long exposure under the lights or highly reflective, may cause the camera to burn out. Camera not being light and the Sun, not to focus on them, to avoid this kind of loss.