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Market demand
Jan 23, 2017

Network camera is undoubtedly the first major theme of today's video surveillance. On one hand, electronics, the rapid development of network technology greatly improves the standard zoom lens value and scope, on the global security needs of rapid expansion and the use of increasingly high user demand has also stimulated the development of network cameras. IP network camera combines traditional cameras and network technology have a new generation of cameras, just plug in the network cable can be used, without computer match, no video capture card, no monitoring local restrictions, anywhere can open a Web page monitor and support 12 client monitor browsing.

Network cameras can be around 320 degrees, rotate 60 degrees up and down monitor, photograph images, videos, and photos, videos can be sent to the mailbox or on the FTP server. Camera with motion detection, can be set to send e-mail alerts. Pro can easily achieve high-definition image of low transmission network bandwidth, image more clear than the common version of the camera, and for night vision, audio transmission, dynamic alerts, you can set the alarm time zone, abnormal automatic recovery, new features such as automatic connection after a network outage.