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Quality document
Jan 23, 2017

1. broadcast quality cameras: broadcast camera for TV program production center, its high quality requirements, such as clarity 700-800 line, signal to noise ratio more than 60dB, from camera to camera devices, circuits, are excellent, and of course the prices are quite amazing, generally in more than 100,000 yuan, such as BVP-70P,DV-700P and so on.

2. business-level cameras: business-level camera is often used in the education sector of audio-visual education and industrial monitoring systems. Has excellent performance and began using single pipe (such as DXC-1640), double (DXC-1800), for the three-tube (DXC-M3A) or three CCD (DXC-3000P,DXC-6000P,DXC-M7,DXC-537) the price is relatively low, the education sector can bear, generally below 100,000 yuan.

3. household-level cameras: wide range of cameras at the document-level, is characterized by small size, light weight, features and more, using simple, cheap, generally around 10,000 yuan. The level of quality than broadcast-or business-class, mostly single-chip CCD camcorders. Is often used in teaching camera of this document-level mechanism for programmes or micro-teaching.

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