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Underwater camera performance
Jan 23, 2017

When selecting a lens many people notice first is image sharpness of this lens. Determine what sharpness of the photo camera. High quality lens is primarily used by professional photographers, if only general photography, there is no need to spend a lot of money to buy a high quality lens. In addition, the image sharpness and aperture of the lens is directly related to, when a lens maximum aperture reducing image sharpness will increase after one or two.

Aberration is an optical phenomenon caused by lens optical performance, each lens is impossible without distortion, factory production lens distortion correction, and strive to keep distortion to a minimum. In general there are three main types of lens distortion: wide angle zoom lens-end easily barrel distortion, hope distal prone pillow-type aberrations and barrel distortion on the wide-angle side amended the hats of distortion. As far as the status of the camera, the prominent issue is the wide angle end of barrel distortion when you purchase select barrel distortion as possible models.

Backlight photography due to strong sunlight or other strong light sources in the formation of mirror-like reflections on the screen repeatedly flares and flare. The formation of flares and flares, a small fraction of the light is not only no image on the screen, but it will also form in the mirror reflecting reduced picture quality. To prevent this phenomenon, the hood must be used when the backlight photography. Excellent shots taken during the manufacturing process thoroughly to prevent flares and flare technology, even when shooting in the backlight contrast is also very good.

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