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Underwater Camera Photography Skills
Jun 12, 2017

Underwater camera main features:

1, using 1 / 2.3 inch back-illuminated 16 million pixel CMOS sensor

2, the equivalent focal length of 25-100mm 4X optical aperture up to F2.0

3, with waterproof 15 meters antifreeze -10 degrees pressure 100kg dust anti-scratch

4, support WI-FI wireless transmission and GPS positioning

5, the new ultra-micro mode and rich underwater various scenes

Underwater camera lens optics it is upgraded to 16 million effective pixels and can achieve 4 times the optical zoom, another large aperture F2.0 is also one of the highlights, you can in the water under low lighting conditions to obtain a more secure shutter and Before and after the depth of virtual effect.

There is a layer of gray rubber gasket in the slot, Underwater Camera as a five-camera, the seal is quite professional, which will undoubtedly extend the TG-3 mountains and the sea repeated use of life.

In order to meet the outdoor players for the higher optical performance requirements, along with the Olympus TG-3 release adapter adapter lens (the same waterproof). Which FCON-T01 (C) BLK for the fish-eye adapter, and TCON-T01 for the telegraph. Fisheye lens can get a wider range of viewing angle, and the telephoto lens is more reflected in the telephoto performance, the use of TG-3 must be controlled in the 4x zoom can get farther clear shooting The

Underwater camera photography skills

Underwater photography requires mastery of basic technology and a certain degree of underwater ease. Underwater Camera Before you learn photography, first learn to dive! Underwater ease is a must grasp the basic essentials, mainly master the operation of the buoyancy vest, that is, underwater buoyancy control.

Underwater, if you want to take pictures, it is best to inform the other members of the same diving team. In fact, underwater photographers often stay on the dive, thus ignoring other people. In this regard need to increase attention.

To take a good photo, no need to dive deep. Underwater Camera On the contrary, the ideal depth lies between the surface and the depth of 10 meters. Light conditions and visibility at shallow water are often the best. In the depth of the water near the sun bright and beautiful, especially for photography, the color effect is the best.

The best back to the sun, so as to avoid the light caused by backlighting too strong. Underwater Camera Get the best lighting conditions, try to improve the shutter speed, so as to avoid blurred photos.

The current camera sensitivity is getting better and better, so you should try to increase the ISO sensitivity value (always transferred to ISO400 or 800 are no problem). Underwater Camera If the photo appears on the obvious particles, you should turn off the camera built-in flash, and then manually adjust to improve the photo effect.