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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Underwater Robots
Jan 23, 2017


Water Xia robot can in height dangerous environment, and was pollution environment and 0 visible degrees of waters instead of artificial in water Xia long time job, water Xia robot Shang General equipped with sound na system, and camera, and lighting lamp and mechanical arm, device, can provides real-time video, and sound na image, mechanical arm can grabbed weights, water Xia robot in oil development, and maritime law enforcement forensics, and scientific research and military, field get widely application.


Because of the complex operation of underwater environment, noise of underwater acoustic signals, and General precision of underwater acoustic sensor poor, frequent jumping faults, in underwater vehicle motion control system, filtering technology is extremely important. Commonly used in underwater vehicle motion control sensor for short or long baseline acoustic positioning system for Doppler speed sensor speedometer will affect the accuracy of underwater acoustic positioning system. Factors include velocity error, responder response times measuring error correction error, location of transponder space. Main factors influencing accuracy of Doppler velocity meter include velocity c and seawater physico-chemical characteristics, vehicle vibrations in the medium.