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Buoyancy Material In The ROV On The Important Role
Jan 23, 2017

ROV models, mainly furnished by the ROV, ROV frame, the system tools bracket, buoyancy, buoyancy materials protection and so on. ROV in addition to bear their own weight, ROV often needs to carry some load, accomplish special tasks, such as ROV carried mud pump, hydraulic shears, hydraulic wrenches, diamond wire cutting, polishing brush, such as homework tools, carrying submarine pipeline/cable test tools, sonar detection equipment.

Especially in deepwater operations, as much as possible to carry all of the required tools, required to complete a variety of jobs, reduced the ROV roundtrip support ship and underwater work site distance and time, greatly improved ROV operations and productivity. In 2015, the Omega underwater robot ROV undertook more underwater dredging projects, obviously, greatly reduces the risk of human costs, saving time and improving overall efficiency.