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Climate Brought By The Migration Or More Of The Fish Diseases
Jan 23, 2017

The researchers first observed over the last 50 years of plankton and some migratory fishes began to shift to colder waters. This move makes some fish invasion did not belong to their territory, a threat to the local fish. In addition, with certain fish sinking deeper into the sea, fisheries harvests have changed, changes occur that may cause fishermen to fish, may also lead to decreased harvest directly.

Sea temperature rise is particularly significant, 1/3 higher than the sea temperature rise more than this makes some near-shore habitats of biological change. For turtles and seabirds, some of their breeding grounds disappear, in the context of the world, these populations have continued to decline.

And for many diving enthusiasts, they might have noticed that the bleaching of coral reefs.

Researchers believe that sea change is the reason for colorful coral bleaching. Scientists speculate that, since nearly 30 years, coral reefs temperature every 10 years increased by 0.2 degrees Celsius at the rate of change, which will have an impact on global coral reefs before 2050. In addition, the containment of the growth of coral reefs is also greatly affected by ocean acidification, the most extreme case, their growth rate will be less than in the past 98%.