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Current Impact On The Course Of Underwater
Jan 23, 2017

Dang water Xia robot by end line direction yiwai of currents force, and currents force of role Center and water Xia robot of Rotary Center inconsistent Shi, currents of role will on water Xia robot produced turned bow torque, on the, dang water Xia robot by flow pressure Shi, ontology will to flows drift, to produced block its drift of water of reaction, its results water resistance also water Xia robot to turned bow torque, so, Underwater robot when sailing in the sea waters will go directly by the currents caused by the fat moment and body drift water resistance caused by side torque, body balance in order to adapt to bow torque, the robot will Upflow or down-flow side.

Currents generated by the transferred fat moment, when the flow upstream component (both robot downstream trends), will make the robot upside turn fat when the flow to the downstream component (both robots have a counter trend), it will make the robot turn down bow. Water resistance (also known as face lift) results always make the robot turn upward bow.