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Detection And Sensing Of ROV Detection
Jul 10, 2017

The ocean is rich in biological resources and mineral resources, with the depletion of land resources, marine resources development and utilization of human development and social progress to promote the role of more obvious. With the development of offshore resources such as oil and natural gas extending from offshore to deep sea, underwater robots (also known as unmanned submersibles) are increasingly developed for marine resources because of their safety, efficiency and depth of work. An important tool. According to the connection between unmanned submersible and surface support equipment (mother ship or platform), underwater robots can be divided into two categories: one is underwater robot, that is, underoperated robot (ROV); The other is a submarine-less underwater robot, autonomous ambiguities (AUV), comes with energy, and relies on its own autonomy to manage and control itself. ROV has developed rapidly because of its good economy, high flexibility of launching water, good environmental adaptability, high operation efficiency and effective use. With the rapid improvement of function and reliability, ROV is more and more widely used in marine resources development, underwater engineering, submarine investigation, salvage operations and other fields.

ROV system components, from the structure can be divided into water surface control system and underwater submersible body 2 parts. ROV The surface control system includes the main control computer, the control system, the tracking and positioning system, the display system, the communication interface with the underwater, the power source, the umbilical cable (cable or cable) and the retracting system. Umbilical cable in the provision of robot power and instrument power at the same time, but also bear the instructions, command, ROV upload status and information data task is the signal transmission channel, often by the special cable, coaxial cable or optical and electrical composite cable Constitute, and have sufficient strength, in the event of failure, can pull the robot back to the water. The retracting system is responsible for the task of recycling ROV from shore or ship to water and recovering ROV from water.

The underwater submersible body includes watertight pressure shell and power propulsion, detection and identification, communication and communication, electronic control and executive system. ROV The external structure is mainly composed of streamlined and frame type. Modular structure.

 ROV through the water associated with the umbilical cable to obtain energy, power sufficient, operating time from energy constraints, can carry more equipment; information and data transfer and exchange fast and convenient, large amount of data; operator in the water control And the operation, the working environment safe; its operation and control by the water function of the powerful computer, workstations and operators through the human-computer interaction way to carry out, people involved in many complex control problems become simple, real-time control diving The real-time observation of the target information and sonar video images detected by the submersible, ROV the operation efficiency is higher, the overall decision-making ability and the level is higher, the response to the environmental ability is stronger. In addition, ROV no battery compartment, weight and volume to be less than the same level of AUV, technical requirements and costs are relatively low. But its scope of activities by the umbilical cord cable constraints, especially in complex underwater environment is likely to cause winding accident. 2 ROV development at home and abroad ROV is the earliest development and application of unmanned submersible, its development began in the 20th century, 50 years. 1960, the United States successfully developed the world's first ROV-󰀁CURV1󰀁. In 1966 it was with the manned space, ROV in the Spanish sea to find a lost in the sea of hydrogen bombs, caused a great sensation, from the ROV technology began to attract people's attention. Due to the needs of military and marine engineering and the development of high-tech such as electronics, computers and materials, ROV was developed rapidly in the 1970s and 1980s, and ROV industry began to form. In 1975, the first commercial ROV-󰀁RCV-125 󰀁 came out. After more than half a century of development, ROV has formed a new industry 󰀁󰀁󰀁 ROV industry. ROV models around the world more than 270 models, more than 400 manufacturers to provide a variety of ROV machine, parts and ROV services. Small ROV quality only a few kilograms, large more than 20t, the operating depth of up to 10,000m or more. In the ROV technology research, the United States, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Japan and other countries in a leading position.