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Key Techniques Of Underwater Robots
Jan 23, 2017

① energy technologies with wireless remote-controlled underwater robot with increasing depth, high-voltage power transmission and power equipment is a must. Current 3000V Dynamics more generally applied to the ROV device. In order to reduce the size and weight of umbilical cables, ROV will use a higher voltage level in the future. Wireless underwater more energy is currently used lead-acid batteries and the Silver-zinc battery.

② precision positioning technology underwater robot using GPS on the water, underwater acoustic equipment. Underwater GPS technology is being rapidly developed, autonomous navigation precision is expected to raise 10 times in 5 years.

③ zero visibility waters navigation technology jobs remains the biggest underwater obstacles, enhance your technical acoustics, laser technique and computer graphics, so that this problem can be solved.

④Black-material technology in water depth for each additional 10m, the outside pressure increases 1 atmosphere (0.1MPa). High strength, light weight, corrosion-resistant structural material and buoyancy materials is focused on development of underwater technology.

⑤ underwater robot technology development goal is to instead perform a variety of underwater operation. Flexible underwater manipulator, a special underwater tools and development of immersive, virtual reality technology, underwater robots will play a greater role in the exploitation of the sea.