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Remote Monitoring System For Real-time Video Recording
Oct 11, 2017

Remote monitoring system usually refers to the security monitoring and remote monitoring for specific applications in the field of IP monitoring remote monitoring system, the remote monitoring system enables users to use IP network (lan/wan/internet) video surveillance and video image recording. IOT Based Remote Monitoring and Control System Remote Monitoring system adopts Management Server, modular structure design, in the design, distributed control and processing with great flexibility and scalability, through the electronic map of the icon equipment tree list to achieve equipment control equipment, and for network users in the network environment for the traditional monitoring equipment video query, management, control, Video and other functions.

Software provides a perfect user interface, all the conventional operations such as monitors, cameras, matrices, etc. can be controlled by the mouse, without the use of menus or input commands, IOT Based Remote Monitoring and Control System the alarm can be confirmed by clicking the mouse, the operator can automatically record all operations. MPEG4 compressed video images and audio, with sound video management function, IOT Based Remote Monitoring and Control System can be carried out in real-time video, and can be timed control and dynamic video. With mobile detection alarm and external trigger alarm function.

According to the need, the remote monitoring system can realize the centralized monitoring of the long distance dispersed field, and also can realize the long-distance control query to the centralized monitoring center. Network transmission media can be used: LAN, WAN, Internet, support in ADSL, ISDN and DDN transmission lines. Can be implemented at the network point of control, as the operator in the Monitoring Center to do the same operation.

Remote monitoring System has no boundary, convenient monitoring and control screen switching is simple and convenient; a device replaces traditional image segmentation processor, controller and VCR three, IOT Based Remote Monitoring and Control System which greatly reduces the overall cost; In particular, some hard disk recorders have Web server functionality So that the management layer in different places can also keep abreast of the production of the factory, convenient management.

Because network interconnection needs to know the IP of the monitored device, the remote side can find the monitoring device to connect to the image. Network remote monitoring, IOT Based Remote Monitoring and Control System is based on the new application of IP, the connection of the various branches of IP is mostly dynamic IP (from the network will be reassigned to a new IP address, and fixed IP costs more expensive), software and applications to support the connection of dynamic IP is very important.