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Remote Monitoring System Is The Application Requirement Of Safety Management
Jul 20, 2017

Remote monitoring system consists of remote monitoring module and Monitoring Center PC, which communicates through GPRS network. The remote monitoring node consists of ARM module, GPRS DTU module and sensor module.

Among them, the GPRS DTU module is mainly used for sending and receiving of data and receiving short message. The ARM module completes the sensor data coding and TCP/IP encapsulation, IOT Based Remote Monitoring and Control System controls the GPRS DTU module sends the data to the Monitoring center, and receives and executes the control command sent by the Monitoring Center; The Monitoring Center is to use VB. NET development tool to invoke the Winsock control software to receive, process and display the data sent by each monitoring point and send control commands to the monitoring point by using a computer with fixed IP in the Internet.

Remote Monitoring system is a digital network for transmission media, network video Server Core. Comprehensive use of digital video processing technology, automatic control, IOT Based Remote Monitoring and Control System network transmission technology and artificial intelligence technology, not only have a common security monitoring system of fast video processing capabilities, digital information anti-interference ability, easy to quickly query records and other advantages, and rely on the network, play the advantages of broadband network, through IP network, the Monitoring Video center and can connect to any point of the network combined to achieve the ideal closed-circuit monitoring system remote, centralized, real-time effect.

Remote monitoring system is widely used in power, railways, security, oil fields, water conservancy and automation control, instrumentation and other industries. IOT Based Remote Monitoring and Control System Dedicated to the provision of professional networking solutions, such as a wide range of wireless solutions.

With the development of security informatization, the traditional monitoring equipment has been unable to meet the need of large area safety management for waterway transportation because of its small monitoring range, low solution and poor night vision. Channel digital remote Day and night monitoring system, can achieve dozens of km monitoring distance, and accompanied by the mature fog imaging technology, the monitoring capability of various weather environments has been greatly improved, and with the mature application of digital channel visualization remote Monitoring system, the traditional close-range monitoring equipment is gradually replaced, IOT Based Remote Monitoring and Control System which is widely used in waterway safety navigation, channel intrusion monitoring and bridge crossing safety navigation monitoring.