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Remote Monitoring System Makes Your Home Safer
Aug 11, 2017

The remote monitoring system allows us to open a computer or mobile phone to view real-time images at home at any time while we are working or out of the house. Face-to-face communication with family members, understanding of family situation, remote care of family members; When burglars take advantage of no one to steal at home, IOT Based Remote Monitoring and Control System the automatic signal can be transmitted to the cell Monitoring center in time, while the residents are notified by moving short messages, mails or telephones. All this can be easily realized through the home video surveillance system.

Advantages of remote Monitoring system

Flexible deployment, low-construction: Surveillance Camera + medium-dimension video card, according to the family environment and needs: to choose the angle of view, distance and display effect of the appropriate medium-dimension surveillance Camera series, IOT Based Remote Monitoring and Control System ordinary home computer through plug-and-play audio and video capture card into the ADSL network, can frame the home remote network monitoring.

Easy to operate, strong scalability: Simple and Easy-to-use operation interface, support for all types of mobile. Wireless access, equipment (various types of smartphones, ipads), IOT Based Remote Monitoring and Control System according to the family needs to monitor the end of support for a variety of alarm equipment (smoke alarm, infrared alarm, access alarm, etc.).

In the middle of 21st century, each household uses a remote monitoring system, which can be better and more convenient to secure the family. When people go out of town, they don't have to worry about the unknown danger of thieves stealing at home. Choose remote Monitoring System, it can make your home safer

Remote Monitoring system is an IP monitoring system used in the field of security monitoring and remote monitoring for specific applications, which enables users to record video surveillance and video images through IP networks (lan/wan/internet). The system uses the Management Server, IOT Based Remote Monitoring and Control System the modular structure design, in the design, distributed control and processing with great flexibility and scalability, through the electronic map of the icon device tree list to achieve equipment control equipment, and network users to provide in the network environment for traditional monitoring equipment video query, management, control, video and other functions.

Remote Monitoring system provides a perfect user interface, all the conventional operations such as monitors, cameras, matrices and so on can be controlled by the mouse, IOT Based Remote Monitoring and Control System without the use of menus or input commands, the alarm can be confirmed by clicking the mouse, the operator can automatically record all operations. MPEG4 compressed video images and audio, with sound video management function, can be carried out in real-time video, and can be timed control and dynamic video. With mobile detection alarm and external trigger alarm function.

According to the need, the remote monitoring system can realize the centralized monitoring of the long distance dispersed field, and also can realize the long-distance control query to the centralized monitoring center. IOT Based Remote Monitoring and Control System Network transmission media can be used: LAN, WAN, Internet, support in ADSL, ISDN and DDN transmission lines. Can be divided into one points in the network to achieve control, as the operator in the Monitoring Center to do the same operation. is the extension and extension of the monitoring center in the traditional monitoring system.