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Remote Monitoring System Management Application Is Simple
Aug 23, 2017

If you are a careful person you will find that many companies have a monitoring of the video, and some large supermarkets will have installed remote monitoring system equipment, then let us today to understand, remote monitoring system What are the benefits of the business?

The advantages of remote monitoring system 1: We are remote monitoring system for supermarkets, shopping malls and other public places such as the benefits of it, we know that every day to the supermarket, IOT Based Remote Monitoring and Control System shopping malls are a lot of people, there will inevitably be someone else will have to steal goods If there is no evidence, then it is no use, and if there is a remote monitoring system is not the same, the industry can be the same time, if you do not have the remote monitoring system, IOT Based Remote Monitoring and Control System Sitting in front of the computer to see the situation inside the store, if found suspicious characters, then you can take measures, while the remote monitoring system is also an evidence, more importantly, with a remote monitoring system does not require a lot of manpower You can manage a good shopping mall.

The advantages of remote monitoring system 2: We talk about the benefits of remote monitoring system for the enterprise, we know that although the business is not like a shopping mall is a big place, IOT Based Remote Monitoring and Control System but we know that many companies need to manage the staff, and The most important and simplest way to manage an employee is to know if the employee has worked in accordance with the regulations, IOT Based Remote Monitoring and Control System and there is no improper behavior, and all this can be solved by the remote monitoring system.

Remote monitoring system is a digital network for the transmission medium, network video server core. Comprehensive use of digital video processing technology, automatic control, network transmission technology and artificial intelligence technology, not only the general security monitoring system of fast video processing capabilities, digital information anti-jamming capability, easy to quickly query records and other advantages, IOT Based Remote Monitoring and Control System and relying on the network , To play the advantages of broadband networks, through the IP network, the monitoring video center and can connect to any point of the network to connect to achieve the ideal closed-circuit monitoring system remote, centralized, real-time effect.

1 structure is clear and simple: As the monitoring host through the network video surveillance system management software to achieve the simulation system in the video matrix, IOT Based Remote Monitoring and Control System screen divider and other equipment, many functions, and through the computer hard drive video function, the system structure is greatly simplified, High integration.

2 management application is simple: As the remote monitoring system based on computer and network equipment, most of the system control and management functions through the computer, without the need to simulate the system of many complex equipment, reducing the operation and maintenance personnel management work intensity.

Real-time, timing, alarm trigger, at any time start and stop and other video recording; picture capture printing; intelligent fast video playback query, etc., a variety of display mode; multi-screen intelligent switch wheel patrol; a variety of early warning mode; The

4 remote monitoring system based on the characteristics of the network, no need to increase investment in equipment, the network remote or local monitoring center can be real-time monitoring, video or any playback of one or more monitoring site screen, authorized network computer can also To achieve the monitoring function, to avoid the geographical location of the cause of supervision and management caused by the inconvenience and absence.

5 high security capabilities: image mask technology to prevent unauthorized tampering with video data; any authorized computer on the network can be video backup, IOT Based Remote Monitoring and Control System effectively prevent malicious damage; network failure off the network cache function, effective protection of video data; video interrupt host Alarm function; authorization hierarchical management function; powerful log management function.

6 unlimited seamless expansion capabilities: the increase in surveillance cameras is mainly increased front-end remote monitoring points, and monitoring front-end through the IP address to identify, increase the device simply means that the IP address expansion, simple structure can form a huge multi-level monitoring The internet.