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Remote Monitoring System To Achieve Monitoring
May 26, 2017

Remote monitoring system by monitoring the PLC to achieve the industrial equipment, remote data collection, IOT Based Remote Monitoring and Control System remote monitoring of remote monitoring system to achieve centralized management and maintenance equipment failure alarm, after-sales maintenance and remote diagnosis and other functions

Remote monitoring system to achieve video surveillance and network remote monitoring function, you can monitor the scene at any time the camera screen, and at any time after the query stored in the hard disk video surveillance data, so that when necessary to query.

Remote monitoring system consists of front-end equipment, IOT Based Remote Monitoring and Control System image processing and transmission equipment, network client composed of three parts.

Front-end equipment from the camera, PTZ, decoder, protective cover, bracket, alarm detectors, pickups and other components, responsible for video signals, audio signals and alarm signal acquisition;


The image processing and transmission equipment in the system is the network video server, which is responsible for transmitting the audio, IOT Based Remote Monitoring and Control System video signal and alarm signal to the remote client through the local area network or the wide area network, and can receive the PTZ control signal and the audio intercom signal sent by the client;

A network client is a user terminal that requires network remote monitoring. It consists of computers (general office computers or laptops) and client software. The client is mainly responsible for image display, video, playback and PTZ control functions. When the client performs remote monitoring, it needs to enter the user name and password, authenticate, and then obtain the remote monitoring after authentication.