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Remote Monitoring System With Log Management Function
Sep 25, 2017

Remote monitoring system is a digital network for the transmission medium, network video server core. Comprehensive use of digital video processing technology, automatic control, network transmission technology and artificial intelligence technology, not only the general security monitoring system of fast video processing capabilities, digital information anti-jamming capability, easy to quickly query records and other advantages, IOT Based Remote Monitoring and Control System and relying on the network , To play the advantages of broadband networks, through the IP network, the monitoring video center and can connect to any point of the network interconnection to achieve the ideal closed-circuit monitoring system remote, centralized, real-time effect.

1 structure is clear and simple: As the monitoring host through the network video surveillance system management software to achieve the simulation system in the video matrix, IOT Based Remote Monitoring and Control System screen splitter and other equipment, many functions, and through the computer hard drive video function, the system structure is greatly simplified, High integration.

2 management application is simple: As the digital monitoring system based on computer and network equipment, most of the system control and management functions through the computer to achieve, IOT Based Remote Monitoring and Control System without the need to simulate the system of many complex equipment, reducing the operation and maintenance personnel management work intensity.

Real-time, timing, alarm trigger, at any time start and stop and other video recording; picture capture printing; intelligent fast video playback query, etc., a variety of display mode; IOT Based Remote Monitoring and Control System multi-screen intelligent switch wheel patrol; a variety of early warning mode; The

4 Monitoring Simple: Due to the characteristics of network-based network monitoring, there is no need to increase the investment of equipment. The remote or local monitoring center on the network can monitor, record or play back one or more monitoring scene pictures in real time. IOT Based Remote Monitoring and Control System Networked computers can also achieve monitoring functions, to avoid the geographical location of the reasons for the management of the inconvenience and absence.

5 high security capabilities: image mask technology to prevent unauthorized tampering with video data; any authorized computer on the network can be video backup, effectively prevent malicious damage; network failure off the network cache function, effective protection of video data; video interrupt host Alarm function; authorization hierarchical management function; powerful log management function.

6 unlimited seamless scalability: monitoring camera is mainly increased front-end remote monitoring points to increase, while the front-end monitoring through the IP address to identify, increase the device simply means that the expansion of IP addresses, simple structure can form a huge multi-level monitoring The internet.

The role of remote monitoring system is as follows:

1. Acquisition and processing functions: mainly on the production process of various analog or digital detection, sampling and the necessary pre-processing, and in a certain form of output, such as printing reports, displays and television, for the production staff Provide detailed data to help them analyze, in order to understand the production situation.

2. Supervision function: the real-time data will be detected, IOT Based Remote Monitoring and Control System as well as production staff in the production process issued by the instructions and input data analysis, induction, collation, calculation and other secondary processing, and as real-time data and historical data storage.

3. Management function: the use of existing valid data, images, statements and other conditions for analysis, fault diagnosis, risk prediction, and sound and electricity in the form of fault and emergency alarm.

4. Control function: In the detection based on the information processing, IOT Based Remote Monitoring and Control System according to the decision of the control strategy to form a control output, directly on the production process.