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ROV Can Replace Divers Work
Oct 20, 2017

The biggest advantage of ROV is that under the condition of unknown water condition, or the complex environment of known underwater conditions, it can replace the personnel operation and guarantee the life safety of the personnel. After all, although the equipment is expensive, life is priceless. But ROV is unlikely to replace divers completely, because divers have the ability to improvise, ROV and machines can never respond as humans do. So unless there is a real, complete artificial intelligence in the future, ROV is unlikely to replace all the roles of divers.

ROV (Underwater robot) is the world's more advanced underwater unmanned remote control detectors, the characteristics of unmanned driving, all the operation is through the data transmission cable and surface operators to achieve. The ROV is equipped with optical cameras and dual-frequency recognition sonar to detect underwater targets in two ways. At the same time, ROV as a carrier can be flexibly improved to adapt to a variety of different operational requirements.

In the past, in the marine surveying and mapping in the use of Sonar, ROV magnetometer and multibeam underwater unknown or shallow point of the analysis of the use of divers under the hopelessly way, ROV to replace the diver under the diving operation mode. This paper briefly introduces the hardware and software components of ROV, the performance of hardwares and the operation of softwares. ROV This paper expounds the application of ROV in the light of the practical data of Qiandaohu experiment and the view of Dagu Lighthouse Tower in Tianjin port.

Structure composition and hardware and software performance of ROV

ROV as an underwater detector itself cannot measure any underwater object. In short, it is a submersible. Its standard configuration consists of: black and white navigation camera, color camera, camera, halogen lamp, magnetic compass, propeller and electronic storehouse, etc. ROV above to carry other equipment to be configured according to the needs of different users, Tianjin Sea Survey Brigade introduced by the ROV include the following equipment:

Here a complete set of ROV is divided into the following separate systems:

(1) Diving, power system

Includes four power 435W thrusters, two 75W halogen lights, a magnetic compass. The hlk43000a type manipulator is configured. The core part is the electronic warehouse, ROV all the external instructions and their own work must go through the integrated circuit processing.

(2) Operation and control system

Includes a reel cable, joystick, power box, and the core is a deck unit with a host, a CD burner, and a display. It is an important system for the operator to monitor the operating parameters of ROV and to send instructions to the submersible. The operator of the deck unit can get ROV depth information (from the water surface) and its own magnetic north direction. ROV's working voltage (DC 380v-410v), working current (AC 0a-8a), and ROV humidity display and temperature display are all important energy parameters in ROV operation.

(3) Imaging system

In the submersible system we carry two kinds of underwater observation equipment, including black and white navigation camera, color photography, camera, ROV optical imaging equipment and shallow water dual-frequency identification sonar (Didson), including acoustic imaging equipment.

(4) Locating and tracking system

tracklink1500ma (Ultra short baseline positioning and tracking system) is another feature of this set of ROV, the most important factor affecting the overall safety of ROV is the current. Given the safety of the ROV, the system is equipped to track up to 9 target transponders. The principle is to transfer the ship's absolute position coordinates and the bow direction to the Tracklink Navigator software, ROV the polar coordinate calculation method is used to calculate the baseline, and the absolute coordinate position of the tracked target is obtained. The positioning accuracy of the system is better than that of 1°, and the overall positioning accuracy is better than 2.5m.

OV in seawater need to be weighed on both sides of a total of eight lead blocks, in this case, ROV can be suspended in the sea without any dynamic conditions, floating, sinking process is slow, but the stability of the deep function.