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ROV Features Varied
Jul 20, 2017

ROV, the unmanned remote control submersible, the system consists of power propeller, remote control electronic communication device, black and white or color camera, the function is various, different types of ROV are used to perform different tasks, and are widely used in nuclear power, hydropower, marine oil, fishery, maritime salvage, ROV pipeline detection and marine science research. ROV is mainly divided into observation and operation level.

With the vigorous development of offshore wind power, the construction operation monitoring, construction assistance and the flushing monitoring of the project later operation become more and more common. The ROV high idle rate and low cost caused by the cyclical recession of ocean engineering make ROV become an important possible means of offshore wind-water operation and monitoring.

First, the system consists of: power thruster, ROV remote control electronic communication device, black and white or color camera, camera pitch PTZ, user peripheral sensor interface, real-time on-line display unit, navigation and positioning device, automatic helmsman navigation unit, auxiliary lighting and Kevlar 0 buoyant towing cable and other units. Various functions, different types of ROV used to perform different tasks, ROV are widely used in the military, Coast Guard, Maritime, customs, nuclear power, hydropower, marine oil, fisheries, marine salvage, pipeline detection and marine scientific research, and other fields.

Second, the ROV is divided into observation level and operation level:

(1) The core components of the observation level ROV are underwater propulsion and underwater camera systems, sometimes supplemented by conventional sensors such as navigation and depth sensors. ROV The body size and weight is small, the load is low. Low cost.

(2) operation-level ROV for underwater salvage, underwater construction and other applications, larger size, with underwater manipulator, hydraulic cutter and other operating tools. High cost.

Third, the sea operation: ROV operator is required to receive regular training, the current foreign major ROV manufacturers are providing personnel training, need to be trained abroad, ROV now China has developed some young operators, but still to employ experienced foreign operators mainly.

The main advantages of ROV are high safety, saving construction time, saving cost and checking quality. ROV has been used in offshore wind power abroad, but it is still almost empty in China. ROV scenarios that may be applied in offshore wind power include:

ROV Unmanned aerial vehicle has the shape design element of UAV, ROV but it can simulate fish swimming forward in water. ROV installed three fans, the main fan is responsible for swinging up and down, the other two fans are responsible for propulsion, under the action of these three fans, ROV unmanned aerial vehicle to be able to freely cheong. In addition, ROV UAV is also equipped with a lens, with waterproof function, this lens in addition to the unmanned aerial navigation, but also to capture the charm of the undersea scenery, love underwater shooting users should like.