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ROV Has A Self-test Alarm System
Nov 01, 2017

With the development of offshore oil to the deep water area, China's active offshore platform gradually increased, the role of ROV is more and more important.

The ROV consists of a water equipment section and an underwater equipment section, both of which are connected via a cord cable. Among them, the water part mainly includes deck control unit, ROV cable car, release recovery equipment, power supply and navigation and data acquisition system; underwater equipment part is mainly by the submersible, imaging system, underwater acoustic positioning tracking system and the arm composition.

ROV also known as underwater robots. A working underwater operating robot, can sneak into the water instead of completing some operations, also known as submersible. Underwater environment is dangerous, people's diving depth is limited, so underwater robots have become an important tool for the development of the ocean. ROV It works by the crew on the surface of the water carrier, through the connection of the umbrella of the submersible to provide power, manipulation or control of the submersible, through underwater television, ROV sonar and other special equipment to observe, but also through the robot, underwater operations. Unmanned remote control submersible, there are cable remote control submersible and no cable remote control submersible two, including cable remote control submersible is divided into water self-propelled, towing and can be in the seabed structure crawling three The

Compared with other deep-sea submersibles, ROV has the advantages of long working hours under the underwater, strong working ability, large load capacity, no personal accident and other accidents, ROV coupled with the development of fiber technology, ROV umbilical cable can be through the fiber Real-time mass transfer of information and control instructions, the operator can be in the mother ship deck control room real-time lightweight and flexible control ROV ontology underwater movement, in the deep sea operation has an irreplaceable role, ROV and in different depths of the sea have ROV footprint The With the rapid development of technology, cable unmanned underwater robot (ROV,) has been the United States, France and Japan and other countries to develop and successfully developed to overcome the divers in the deep water work encountered difficulties and manned submersible Diving and personal accident. ROV There are already Japan's "Trench" ROV and the United States "Poseidon" mixed ROV to reach the deepest place on Earth - Mariana Trench Challenger abyss and get valuable samples and information. ROV It can be seen that ROV plays an increasingly important role in the process of human understanding and development of the oceans.

ROV is a convenient, lightweight and stable underwater operating system, easy to operate according to intuitive navigation control. ROV can be placed very lightly on terminals and vessels, ROV and does not even require cranes or cranes.


• Intuitive control

• High resolution color, zoom camera

• The lights are synchronized with the camera

• Variable speed and orientation ROV control

• ROV Integrated controller with LCD display and digital video recorder (DVR)

• Manual and auto focus camera

• Rated depth of 300 meters

• Four powerful propellers

• ROV Automatic depth, automatic orientation function

• Self-test alarm system