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ROV Has High Security
Aug 23, 2017

ROV, that is, no one remote control submersible, the system consists of power propulsion, remote control electronic communication devices, black and white or color camera, a variety of functions, different types of ROV for the implementation of different tasks, is widely used in nuclear power , Offshore oil, fisheries, ROV maritime salvage, pipeline exploration and marine scientific research and other fields. ROV is divided into observation level and operation level.

With the vigorous development of offshore wind power, ROV the construction work in the construction process monitoring, construction assistance and project post-operation scouring monitoring and other underwater operations become more and more common. Marine engineering cyclical decline brought ROV high idle rate, low cost, making ROV offshore wind power underwater operations, an important means of monitoring.

ROV advantages are mainly high security, saving construction time, cost savings, inspection of high quality and so on. ROV in foreign offshore wind power has been applied, ROV but in the country is still almost blank. The possible scenarios for ROV in offshore wind power include:

Underwater visual inspection. Including the depth of erosion monitoring, J-tube bell mouth cable, sea biological attachment, anti-erosion protection measures such as the effectiveness of.

Jacket installation link. Auxiliary jacket in place, guide the pile, ROV support the grouting operation, complete underwater cutting, underwater welding and other operations

Submarine cable laying. ROV can carry underwater measurement equipment to investigate the location of submarine cable routing, buried submarine cable, cable repair and other operations.

ROV with fiber optic cable configuration, ROV you can carry more research equipment, and real-time display high-definition camera images.

The ROV's outer frame is made of high-tech, durable composite material that is protected from corrosion in brine and provides internal component protection during a collision. The Sea-Wolf 3 console is equipped with a 21.5-inch touch screen with built-in DiveLog software.

Providing automatic depth, automatic heading, path tracking, target tracking and location retention and other functions, while real-time monitoring ROV internal environment. ROV The computer control system can also handle other Windows-based software, such as sonar, ROV tracking system (USBL), so users do not need to purchase and transport other computer processing equipment. The wireless control handle is small and flexible, controlling all ROV functions.

The system can be used with two high-definition or standard definition camera and a static camera, ROV you can also matching a rear camera.

The console can display video images from two cameras at the same time, and you can choose to store any video from the two cameras.

The ROV is reserved with a standard sonar connector that matches the majority of the manufacturer's operating voltage to 24VDC through a single twisted pair communication sonar.

When the parts need to be replaced, ROV the standardized module design can be easily replaced, or you can easily add other ancillary equipment.