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ROV Is Widely Used In Offshore Wind Power Abroad
Jun 26, 2017

Other people's home unmanned aerial vehicles are flying blue sky, and ROV unmanned aerial machine is biased towards the ocean. The ROV unmanned aerial vehicle has a design element for the UAV, but it can simulate fish swimming in the water.

No fan of the UAV is not complete UAV, ROV not only installed the fan, installed behind the three, the main fan is responsible for swing up and down, ROV the other two are responsible for the promotion of the fan, the role of the three fans, ROV UAV was able to freely underwater.

In addition, ROV UAV is also equipped with a lens, in addition to the lens for UAV navigation, but also to capture the charm of the submarine scenery, love underwater shooting users should be like.

ROV by the foreign designer Ron Ferencz design, the use of Canon lens, with waterproof function. As for the ROV in the underwater life and forward speed, ROV Ron Ferencz did not disclose, after all, this is just a concept design.

In fact, ROV is not the first unmanned aerial vehicle, I remember last year when there is a project called OpenROV can also be launched, OpenROV is equipped with three propellers, LED headlamps and molded rubber, plus a 25 Meters long cable (need longer rope can be purchased separately), players can use computers, mobile phones and other computing devices on the open source software to control the OpenROV, the maximum speed can reach 2m / s, life time of 3 hours.

And ROV also belong to the concept of different products, OpenROV last year has been in the Kickstarter all chips, and now has been in the market, priced at $ 1,000.

ROV, that is, no remote control submersible, the system consists of power propulsion, remote control electronic communication devices, black and white or color camera, a variety of functions, different types of ROV for the implementation of different tasks, is widely used in nuclear power, , Offshore oil, fisheries, maritime salvage, ROV pipeline exploration and marine scientific research and other fields. ROV is divided into observation level and operation level.

With the vigorous development of offshore wind power, construction operations in the construction process monitoring, construction assistance and project post-operation scouring monitoring and other underwater operations become more and more common. Marine engineering cyclical decline brought ROV high idle rate, low cost, making ROV offshore wind power underwater operations, an important means of monitoring.

ROV advantages are mainly high security, saving construction time, cost savings, inspection of high quality and so on. ROV in foreign offshore wind power has been applied, ROV but in the country is almost in the blank. The possible scenarios for ROV in offshore wind power include:

Underwater visual inspection. Including the depth of erosion monitoring, J-tube bell mouth cable, sea biological attachment, anti-erosion protection measures such as the effectiveness of.

Jacket installation link. Auxiliary jacket in place, guide the pile, support grouting operations, complete underwater cutting, underwater welding and other operations

Submarine cable laying. ROV can carry underwater measurement equipment to investigate the location of submarine cable routing, buried submarine cable, cable repair and other operations.