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ROV Operating Efficiency Is High
Sep 04, 2017

ROV, a working robot that works underwater, is an important tool for ocean development and underwater operations.

ROV has developed rapidly because of its good economy, ROV high flexibility of launching water, good environmental adaptability, high operation efficiency and effective use. With the rapid improvement of function and reliability, ROV is more and more widely used in marine resources development, underwater engineering, ROV submarine investigation, salvage operations and other fields.

ROV is a convenient, lightweight and stable underwater operating system, ROV easy to operate according to intuitive navigation control. STEELHEAD can be placed very lightly on the wharf and on the vessel, ROV and does not even require a crane or crane.


• Intuitive control

• High resolution color, zoom camera

• The lights are synchronized with the camera

• ROV Variable speed and orientation ROV control

• Integrated controller with LCD display and digital video recorder (DVR)

• Manual and auto focus camera

• Rated depth of 300 meters

• Four powerful propellers

• ROV Automatic depth, automatic orientation function

• Self-test alarm system