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ROV Protects The Lives Of People
Sep 25, 2017

ROV is an extreme working robot that works underwater and is an important tool for ocean development and underwater operations.

ROV biggest advantage is in the water condition is unknown, or known underwater complex environment, can replace the personnel operations, to protect the safety of personnel. After all, ROV although the equipment is expensive, but life is priceless.

ROV is powered by the mother ship through the cable to provide power and remote control; the other is no cable underwater robot, known as underwater independent unmanned carrier (Automatic Underwater Vehicle), referred to as AUV. AUV comes with energy, relying on their own control to complete the task. ROV Cable robots are remote control, according to their movement is divided into towed, (submarine) mobile and floating (self-propelled) 3 kinds.

ROV also known as underwater robots. A working underwater operating robot, can sneak into the water instead of completing some operations, also known as submersible. Underwater environment is dangerous, people's diving depth is limited, so underwater robots have become an important tool for the development of the ocean. It works by the crew on the surface of the water carrier, ROV through the connection of the umbrella of the submersible to provide power, manipulation or control of the submersible, through underwater television, sonar and other special equipment to observe, ROV but also through the robot, underwater operations. Unmanned remote control submersible, there are cable remote control submersible and no cable remote control submersible two, including cable remote control submersible is divided into water self-propelled, towing and can be in the seabed structure crawling three The

ROV is a simple, scalable, fast (maximum 3.5), the maximum working depth of 300m underwater robot. Can be used for dam detection, pipeline measurement, ROV the need for high-definition camera testing, underwater engineering surveillance and divers support, police maritime safety, fisheries research and shipbuilding and other fields.

ROV features

1. Can be a single person to operate;

2. Powerful, compact structure;

3. Camera system high definition;

4. Modular design, good scalability;

5. Maintenance and maintenance is simple.

ROV can be used in the following areas:

1. Dam detection;

2. Pipeline measurement;

3. need high-definition camera detection;

4. Underwater engineering surveillance and diver assistance;

5. Police maritime safety;

6. Fisheries research;

7. Shipbuilding industry.