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ROV Uses Military Standards
May 26, 2017

ROV using military standards, product quality and reliable performance.

The ROV uses the Mark III Deck Control Unit, which uses the DiveLog software to fully control ROV, including ROV motion control and sensor data acquisition control, ROV including video, sonar, positioning and environmental data.

ROV motion control can be performed using Mark III's standard wireless controller or optional high-precision joystick. When the project is complete, an interactive web page report is created automatically to display the coverage of each sensor and the details of the target, including screenshots, video playback and sonar files.

ROV with fiber optic cable configuration, ROV you can carry more research equipment, and real-time display high-definition camera images.

The ROV's outer frame is made of high-tech, durable composite material that is protected from corrosion in brine and provides internal component protection during a collision. The Sea-Wolf 3 console is equipped with a 21.5-inch touch screen with built-in DiveLog software.

Providing automatic depth, automatic heading, path tracking, target tracking and location retention and other functions, while real-time monitoring ROV internal environment. ROV The computer control system can also handle other Windows-based software, such as sonar, ROV tracking system (USBL), so users do not need to purchase and transport other computer processing equipment. The wireless control handle is small and flexible, controlling all ROV functions.

ROV can be adjusted according to the needs of the load capacity, the user by adding additional floating block can be more convenient to carry more equipment.