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ROV With Automatic Directional Function
Aug 01, 2017

ROV is a convenient, lightweight and stable underwater operating system that is easy to operate according to intuitive navigational controls.

The ROV is powered and controlled by the mother ship through the cable, and the other is the submarine-free underwater robot, called AUV. ROV The AUV takes its own energy and relies on its own control to accomplish the task. The cable robot is a remote control type, ROV according to its movement mode is divided into tow-type, (seabed) mobile and float (self-sailing) Type 3 kinds.


• Intuitive Control

• High resolution color, zoom camera

• Lighting and camera sync adjustment

• Variable speed and directional ROV control

• Integrated controller with LCD display and digital video recorder (DVR)

• Manual and Autofocus cameras

• Rated depth of 300 m

• Four powerful thrusters

• Automatic depth, automatic directional function

• Self-Test alarm system ov has been developed rapidly because of its good economy, high flexibility of water discharge, good adaptability of environment, ROV high efficiency of operation and effective use. With the rapid improvement of function and reliability, ROV has been widely used in marine resources development, underwater engineering, seabed survey, salvage operations and other fields. ROV The system composition and characteristics of ROV are composed of ROV system, which can be divided into 2 parts of water surface accusation system and underwater submersible body. The water surface charge system comprises a master computer, a control system, a tracking and positioning system, a display system, an underwater communication interface, ROV a power source, a cord cable (cable or cable) and a retractable system. The cord cable, while providing the power of the robot and the instrument, also bear the instructions, commands, upload status and information data of the task, is the signal transmission channel, often by special cable, coaxial cable or light, electric composite cable, and has enough strength, in the event of failure, can pull the robot back to the surface. The retractable system undertakes the task of ROV the ROV from the shore or the ship to the water and reclaim the water. The underwater submersible body consists of watertight housing and power propulsion, ROV detection and identification and sensing, communication and navigation, electronic control and actuator systems.

ROV through the umbilical cord cable linked to the water to obtain energy, sufficient power, operating time is not limited by energy, can carry more equipment, information and data transmission and exchange of fast and convenient, large data volume; operators in the water control and operation, ROV working environment safety, and its operation and control by the surface of powerful computers, workstations and operators through human-computer interaction, human intervention makes many complex control problems simple, ROV can realize real-time control of the state of the submersible, Real-time observation of the target information and sonar video images, the operation efficiency is higher, its overall decision-making ability and level is higher, to cope with environmental capacity. In addition, the ROV does not have a battery compartment, the weight and volume is smaller than the same level of the AUV, technical requirements and costs are relatively low.