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The Correct Use Of Underwater Cameras
Jul 20, 2017

Underwater camera, support time interval automatic shooting function, it has the advantages of long life time, water tightness and good anti-corrosion performance. Taiwan Shoal The field experiment results show that the system completes the recording task of the long time sequence micro-geomorphic dynamic process, Underwater Camera and provides the effective data support for the study of sedimentary dynamics.

Underwater camera is the biggest feature is pure waterproof, it is the biggest difference with the ordinary camera is the main joint part with silica gel and rubber sealing seal, the internal structure of the device and the ordinary camera is not different, Underwater Camera but the underwater camera can only use the built-in zoom lens, unlike ordinary cameras have built-in and external zoom lens two, after all, the external zoom lens is better than the built-in zoom lens, but the underwater camera can be filmed in the rain. Rain is also a good photographic subject.

In terms of optical performance and core hardware, it has the maximum aperture F2.0 4 times Optical zoom lens, also has the Om-d family flagship model E-M1 to carry the high-performance TRUEPICVII image processing engine and the 16 million pixel back-picture CMOS sensor. Its lens has a 25mm wide-angle design, Underwater Camera can be in a small space, close to complete the background of the person and the picture.

One of the methods of using underwater camera correctly-before launching

Before launching, you need to carefully check the battery compartment of the plastic seal is intact, but also pay special attention to the plastic seal on the top of some small particles of sand, hair, etc. if there is a need to clean, before launching, you need to ensure that the plastic film surface smooth and there is no other debris, and then close the battery compartment; In addition, before the water, Underwater Camera you must open the camera switch button, it is prohibited to open the water and then turn on the relevant switch, Such an operation will cause water through the camera's power switch into the switch button of the motherboard, affecting the performance of the motherboard, if the filming process in the underwater, then can not be under water shutdown, Underwater Camera need to surface after the camera to close.

Correct use of the underwater camera method of the second-when entering the water when the shot is about to enter the water, you can put your wrist strap tightly on your wrist and then into the water to avoid accidentally dropping the camera when shooting in the water, and use the plastic anti-slip area of the underwater camera when shooting. In this way, a certain degree of security can be added, while underwater shooting, Underwater Camera you can choose the special underwater mode or underwater macro mode to capture the underwater details, such as small fish movements, seaweed plants, and so on, because of the blue water, so if not dedicated to the underwater mode, the effect will be blurred, and the other underwater mode also has the function of automatic red light, you can make the photos more clear.

Three methods of using underwater camera correctly--after filming

After the underwater shoot is finished, take the camera out of the water and the camera can be soaked in water for 20 minutes, so that the salt in seawater diluted, and in the case of the battery, to ensure that the opening of the battery to go down, and then the most pond around the water droplets wipe clean, dry and then stored.

The above is for underwater cameras before, use, after the use of the specific methods of operation, for some beginners are speaking, you can follow the above method, of course, in the use of the process, not only to pay attention to the filming of water under the effect, but also to pay attention to the maintenance of the camera.