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The Remote Monitoring System Improves Labor Productivity
Nov 01, 2017

There are two types of remote monitoring system, one is the production site without on-site monitoring system, but the data collected directly to the remote computer for processing, this remote monitoring system and the general field monitoring is not much difference, but the data transmission Distance than the field monitoring system to be far, the other part of the same and on-site monitoring system; IOT Based Remote Monitoring and Control System the other is the field monitoring and remote monitoring system coexist. Usually through the field bus technology will be distributed in the various devices of the sensor, monitoring equipment, etc., so from the discrete unit stage into the integrated unit stage, and then the management of the site and then use the LAN connection, which formed the enterprise Network (Intranet). As a result of the establishment of a basic network information infrastructure, equipment monitoring, IOT Based Remote Monitoring and Control System maintenance technology into the integrated system phase, in a unit of the internal realization of the basic resources and information sharing.

The functions implemented by the remote control are as follows:

(1) acquisition and processing functions: mainly on the production process of a variety of analog or digital detection, sampling and the necessary pre-processing, and in a certain form of output, IOT Based Remote Monitoring and Control System such as printing reports, displays and television, for the production staff Provide detailed data to help them analyze, IOT Based Remote Monitoring and Control System in order to understand the production situation;

(2) supervision function: the real-time data will be detected, as well as production staff in the production process issued by the instructions and input data analysis, induction, collation, calculation and other secondary processing, IOT Based Remote Monitoring and Control System and as real-time data and historical data Storage;

(3) management functions: the use of existing valid data, images, statements and other conditions for analysis, fault diagnosis, risk prediction, and sound and electricity in the form of fault and emergency alarm;

(4) control function: on the basis of detection of information processing, IOT Based Remote Monitoring and Control System according to the decision-making strategy to determine the formation of control output, directly on the production process.

Based on B / S and C / S remote monitoring system is based on the network as a communication platform monitoring system, based on HTTP technology, with simple, efficient and other advantages, has become the most popular information network information exchange platform [ 2]. The advantages of the system management, user management, device monitoring data display and alarm are realized by using the network communication technology Socket technology, data acquisition technology and object-oriented software technology. The advantage is to make full use of the existing LAN resources and wide area network resources , With the highest cost performance, IOT Based Remote Monitoring and Control System real-time access to information and real-time control as the center, to achieve information, resources and tasks of the integrated sharing and global integration management. For example, the monitoring system provides the device operation to the server and sends it to the client nodes. The staff can understand the working status and operation of the whole system on the client side (usually the remote end). Simply put, for enterprises is to make full use of modern technology to solve real-time data collection, transmission and processing and real-time control of the problem. IOT Based Remote Monitoring and Control System It is these advantages that make it to the rapid development. With the continuous development of network technology, remote monitoring system will be more applied in the management of enterprise production process, professional and technical personnel through the Internet to manage and maintain the production process, IOT Based Remote Monitoring and Control System optimize the production process, improve equipment availability, and ultimately reduce production Cost, improve efficiency.

The advantages of a remote monitoring system

 With the help of remote monitoring system can be internal within the information network (Intranet) and the control network to effectively connect to achieve the production and operation of the grasp at any time, the production and operation of the business situation with the enterprise management strategy closely integrated to achieve the enterprise Integrated automation, you can build network-wide monitoring data and online knowledge resource library. Through the remote monitoring system can realize real-time acquisition and rapid concentration of field running data, obtain the on-site monitoring data, provide the material basis for the remote fault diagnosis technology; IOT Based Remote Monitoring and Control System through the remote monitoring system, the technician can monitor and control without having to visit the scene or the bad environment Production system and field equipment operating status and various parameters, so that the professional training of personnel. virtual. In the presence of many monitoring sites, IOT Based Remote Monitoring and Control System easy to use the local rich hardware and software resources on the remote object for advanced process control to maintain the normal operation of equipment, thereby reducing the value of staff, and ultimately to achieve the remote unmanned or less on duty Reduce the efficiency of the purpose. At present, more and more enterprise groups are cross-regional development trend, the use of network technology to achieve remote monitoring system for enterprises to reduce production costs, improve labor productivity, improve the technological content of enterprise products, and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises and so on Have a very important significance.

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