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The Remote Monitoring System Supports Video Recording
Jul 10, 2017

Remote monitoring system is more and more widely used as a general user we need to understand some of the remote monitoring system on the relevant knowledge, this article for everyone to introduce the remote monitoring system program composition. Remote monitoring system is through today's network transmission technology, developed on the basis of traditional monitoring, it combines the current advanced network transmission technology and wireless transmission technology, from the substantive realization of remote monitoring, IOT Based Remote Monitoring and Control System remote monitoring system rewrite the monitoring system Development of alternative history. Remote monitoring system It can be remote landing control, easy to use and flexible, simple configuration, powerful and so on in one.

The remote monitoring system is composed of three parts: monitoring front end subsystem, image transmission subsystem, central control subsystem and remote image user system. Remote image monitoring system is a set of completely based on the network, using B / S structure design of digital video remote monitoring system. Remote monitoring system users do not need to install any client software, as long as the use of the browser can access all the functions of the system at the same time remote monitoring, video images can be arbitrarily enlarged and reduced until the full screen to monitor the screen can be rotated, Interval can be arbitrarily set; can use the camera self-learning mode or in accordance with the preset settings for cruise monitoring (PTZ support), support for tree structure, drop-down menu and electronic maps and other access methods to support video functions. Perfect user rights management, you can assign each user to each point of the individual operation authority. Video path, IOT Based Remote Monitoring and Control System network bandwidth and other parameters can be arbitrarily set.

The remote monitoring front-end subsystem consists of a network camera or a conventional camera and decoder. The network camera can convert the image directly into an IP signal, and it is not necessary to transmit the MPEG4 / IP converter in the section. IOT Based Remote Monitoring and Control System According to the needs of the scene can be installed in the front of the infrared camera and alarm equipment to meet the needs of special features. IOT Based Remote Monitoring and Control System Image transmission subsystem by the MPEG4 / IP converter and campus broadband, you can also use ADSL and other equipment directly connected with the INTERNET. MPEG4 / IP converter and the ordinary camera to receive the image into IP packets, the use of a variety of network transmission to the server. This can use the existing campus broadband network without laying video cable, but also can make the image transmission from the distance limit.