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The Three Diseases In Aquaculture Should Not Be Overlooked!
Jan 23, 2017

Exclusive aquatic channel in China, in recent years, our country faces more kinds of animal and plant diseases and complex situation of aquaculture, various serious diseases in aquaculture animals, 2016 the direct economic losses caused by the disease has reached tens of billions Yuan.

Due to some serious outbreaks of animal and plant diseases in aquaculture there is a lack of effective prevention and control measures, disease problems on the sustainable development of aquaculture a major threat.

Serious harm to a variety of major aquaculture species of various diseases, including grass carp, crucian carp, black carp, silver carp and Bighead carp, carp, bream, flounder, yellow croaker, tilapia, salmon, trout and other fish species, litopenaeus vannamei, and Red Swamp crawfish and Chinese mitten crabs and other crustaceans.

Farming fish main disease has: carp spring virus blood syndrome, and crucian carp herpes virus disease, and Kam carp herpes virus disease, and infectious blood-forming organs necrosis disease, and grass carp bleeding disease, and infectious spleen kidney necrosis disease, and Rainbow virus disease, virus disease; freshwater fish bacteria sex sepsis, and Streptococcus disease, and Edward bacteria disease, and yellow Bacillus disease, and gas single cell bacteria disease, and water mold disease, bacteria, and fungi disease; stimulus hidden nuclear insect disease, and wheels insect disease, and stick spores insect disease, and ring insect disease, parasites disease,.