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The Underwater Camera Is A Good Shot
Sep 14, 2017

Underwater cameras can be directly in the water, underwater depth of up to 15 meters, so snorkeling and seabed stroll and the general experience of deep diving projects (generally not more than 10 meters) can be used.

Underwater camera is the biggest feature of his super wide-angle fish eye effect, Underwater Camera even if not under water, the effect of the film is also very good.

Underwater camera has the advantages of small size, easy to carry, a bar can be fixed, easy to self-portrait, in addition to the choice of accessories fixed in the diving mirror.

Underwater cameras have a better shot under water, Underwater Camera with a wrist strap that can be fixed.

How to use underwater camera?

1: Be sure to open the machine before launching the switch button, do not under the water switch operation, this will make water through the power switch button into the motherboard. Underwater Camera If because the underwater time is long no operation, the machine shuts down automatically, please obediently floats to the surface and opens the boot button! 2: Before launching, please carefully check the underwater camera's battery compartment plastic seal is intact, and pay attention to the yellow sealing plastic seals above the fine sand, hair silk, or unknown particulate matter, and ensure that the plastic sealing light smooth without debris, and then close the battery compartment. (Data silos are similarly available)

3: Enter the water, before filming please wrist strap tight wrist rope, to avoid the waves or inadvertently caused by the underwater camera into the deep sea, in addition, please hold the underwater camera plastic non-slip area. 4: Underwater shooting, please use the model (there is a small fish sign pattern), Underwater mode also has a macro mode underwater, shrimp and small fish, Underwater Camera seaweed leaves can be used in this mode. Because the sea is blue, if not under the water mode, is blue into a piece of paste. The underwater mode automatically complements the red light, allowing the color reduction of the photo to be higher and clearer.

5: Use the underwater camera out of the water, please put the underwater camera in the water for 20 minutes, so that the salt dilution, or salt card in the gap in the Operation key, Underwater Camera resulting in the Operation key failure. 6: When the battery is taken, please ensure that the battery openings down (avoid water intrusion into the battery compartment, this is very critical, into a little water, may lead to the motherboard problem, with a rag to the battery around the drops wipe clean, and then open the battery to remove the battery, Underwater Camera take out the battery, do not worry about closing the batteries, so that the battery cartridge openings down, Dry for a while and then do the following.