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Underwater Applications
Jan 23, 2017

Safety search and rescue

Can be used to check dams, piers, explosives, as well as the structure is installed on

Remote-controlled reconnaissance, near dangerous goods checks

Assisted underwater array installation/removal

Boat, ship bottom contraband detection (police, customs)

Underwater observation, debris, collapsing mine rescue;

Search for underwater evidence (police, customs)

Maritime rescue and salvage, offshore search;

Most of 2011 underwater underwater world at 6000 meters deep, walk at a speed of 3 to 6 km per hour, forward, downward-looking radar for its "good vision", carrying cameras, video cameras and precise navigation systems, to make it "photographic memory". 2011 Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute in 4000 square kilometers of sea area if the underwater robot had only spent a couple of days to find the wreckage of the Air France flight, which had various ships and planes searching for two years without success.