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Underwater Camera Has Three Anti-performance
Aug 23, 2017

Underwater camera for some like to play the water and swimming friends Ricoh WG-4 with 14 meters of waterproof performance can definitely meet your needs when you swim in the water.

Underwater camera has excellent three anti-performance, with waterproof, shockproof, cold characteristics, as well as sports full shape, was officially called the all-weather field camera.

Underwater camera lens end with anti-pollution and shatter off the cover glass, Underwater Camera even without the camera lens cover protection, for the camera lens also has a better protective effect. In addition, the lens end with a removable combination of flexible floating structure has a very good impact resistance, can withstand 2 meters high free fall impact.

Underwater camera with shock, dust, antifreeze, Underwater Camera anti-pressure and other powerful protective performance and bright F2.0 lens at the same time, also added a macro shooting mode

Underwater camera without the use of additional waterproof shell under the premise, whether in the mountains, seaside, mountain, or snow, underwater camera can handle freely, Underwater Camera and in the realization of comprehensive protection at the same time, to maintain a comfortable control, easy to operate Excellent feel.

Underwater shooting mode, including underwater wide-angle, underwater capture, underwater macro, underwater HDR, can make the size of 1mm objects on the display to enlarge to 44.4mm, the user can get greater freedom of creation.

Underwater camera in the optical performance and core hardware, Underwater Camera both the largest aperture F2.0 4x optical zoom lens, there are OM-D family flagship model E-M1 equipped with high-performance TruePicVII image processing engine and 16 million pixel back Illuminated CMOS sensor. Underwater Camera Its lens has a 25mm wide-angle design, in a small space, close to complete the picture of the person and the background.

Underwater camera is the biggest feature of the screen and lens split design, the two components through the Bluetooth connection, which can be very easy to achieve some difficult angle shooting. Underwater Camera The camera part looks more like a lens from the outside, but from the side of the "lens" side of the power button, shutter button, USB interface, etc. usually on the camera only parts to see this is a camera Nature. Controller part is a TFT LCD screen, the side also has a power button, Underwater Camera shooting button and other buttons. The camera is connected to the controller by Bluetooth, and is connected by a hinge device when fit.