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Underwater Camera Maintenance Knowledge
Jun 26, 2017

Underwater camera is more than just take pictures and share the function, rather than serious photography, so in their own underwater control range within the choice of configuration, combined with their own economic situation to buy, is the right idea.

Underwater camera still need some features to meet: 1, underwater camera to provide the quality must be relative (here is relative) good, friends circle sun drying is the most at least; 2, underwater camera as lightweight, integrated 3, plus the diving shell is still easy to control, or provide a more perfect advanced manual function, personal water photography technology up, Underwater Camera the underwater camera operation is not yet become a short board; 4, underwater camera diving shell can provide a reasonable expansion of performance, macro, wide angle, the light has a corresponding solution accessories. 5, try to provide WiFi links, photos can be directly spread to the phone, why use? Friends circle, this time no one can not do without social software.

Underwater camera maintenance knowledge:

For underwater underwater camera maintenance, people will have such an illusion, it seems that an electronic product, if waterproof, then it is a hundred drugs do not invade. It is waterproof products that lead us to ignore the maintenance of them, and then this point, the product may be fatal.

It is possible for you to see in the past travel to let the underwater underwater camera leaking people. These people will sit in the corner holding a salt under the camera and then look grudge, Underwater Camera this is the O-ring pot, I do not back. You certainly do not want to become such a person, research shows that underwater camera leakage is very high infectivity.

So how do you extend the life of the waterproof shell while reducing the likelihood of becoming a leaky patient?

Waterproof shell maintenance is divided into three different stages:

1. Before the water maintenance, Underwater Camera that is simple check and clean. Can be assembled underwater camera at the same time, about 1-5 minutes.

2. After the water maintenance, that is, the underwater camera into the cupboard before you have to carefully check some.

3. Long-term maintenance, Underwater Camera generally every year or once every six months, it is best for professionals to check.

Specific maintenance work:

If you are in a hot and humid country, assemble your underwater camera and waterproof shell as much as possible in a dry room, remove the underwater camera from the waterproof case before overnight, and keep the waterproof cover open all night long. This will ensure that the underwater camera and the waterproof shell are dry (at least wet at least).

Be careful not to take the underwater camera and the shell outdoors until the assembly is complete, Underwater Camera because that way, the underwater camera will touch the outside warm and humid air and immediately fog.

If you are in dry weather, then assemble the equipment inside the room to avoid dust.

For most enclosures, the O-ring of the main body (back cover) has been removed. If it is not, take it out before assembling it to clean it up.

Cleaning method: with the left hand holding the O-ring, and then use the right hand to promote, O-ring will be able to loose from the tank.

Use lens paper to clean the rear cover of the O-ring and the lens barrel. The paper towel in the groove, one by one to wipe the entire ring groove, so that the tank can be wiped clean.

When cleaning O-rings, be careful not to pull, just put the above dust, hair or other stolen goods can be wiped.

Apply a small amount of lubricant to the O-ring. Pay attention to the amount, if you can see the bright light, that too much. Painted too much but will cause excessive lubrication!

If your underwater camera wants to use the internal flash or use the internal flash to activate the flash, then put a small bag of desiccant in front of the shell.

This avoids water mist inside the housing. Underwater Camera When used inside the flash, it will produce a lot of heat in the shell. These heat will cause the enclosed air in the shell to produce water vapor when it is cooled and fog. Desiccant can effectively reduce the condensation of water in this.

When you close the back cover, make sure that the desiccant does not obstruct the O-ring. Also, make sure it does not affect the underwater camera in place, since this time causing the back cover to not be in place.