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Underwater Camera Performance
Jul 10, 2017

Underwater camera has excellent three anti-performance, with water, shock, cold characteristics, which waterproof level to IPX8 level, 14 meters underwater stable shooting; with 2 meters drop impact design, the equivalent of IPX6 level; In the cold, the camera can work at minus 10 degrees.

16 million pixels, F2 aperture. It is worth mentioning that, in order to facilitate the user macro shooting, WG-M2 in the lens is equipped with six LED macro lights, through the light compensation, the user can watch on the LCD screen can not capture the details of the picture, The brightness of the screen when shooting.

The Part of the camera looks more like a lens from the appearance, Underwater Camera the controller part is a liquid crystal screen. The camera is connected to the controller by Bluetooth, and is connected by a hinge device when fit.

14 million pixels, 21mm wide-angle lens, F2.8 aperture. It is worth noting that the EX-FR10 although not optical zoom, but it is 4 times the digital zoom function is still stronger than the phone.

Relative to the other three anti-camera, EX-FR10 more inclined to entertainment cameras, Underwater Camera but also more fashionable. In the three anti-function convenient, IPX7 level waterproof, with dust and 2 meters high drop, in fact, it can also be used as a sports camera.

Underwater camera can withstand 2.1 m height drop, minus 10 degrees Celsius low temperature, 100 kg pressure and 15 m water depth, the water depth is not the largest of its kind, but its protective performance is comprehensive and powerful, can be said to "rock".

TG-3 uses a small and compact design and easy to use mode of operation, and with GPS, Underwater Camera WiFi connection, electronic compass, depth and pressure, etc. in the outdoor very useful function.

16 million pixels, F2.0 aperture and 4x optical zoom, in the macro shooting is still quite to force, you can shoot the distance of only 1 cm large close-up.

Underwater camera performance: three-axis movement, full of static water in the forward speed of 3;

Depth of operation: 300 meters;

Size: 80 × 60 × 47cm (length, width, height);

Weight: 65Kg (in air), does not contain options; 

Production materials: compressed polypropylene frame, 316L stainless steel branch;

Propeller: 4, two do horizontal exercise, one to do vertical movement, Underwater Camera one to do horizontal movement;

Automatic heading accuracy: ± 1% range;

Automatic depth accuracy: 0.1% range;

Carrying capacity: 15.5 kg;

Optical imaging equipment configuration:

Low light navigation TV camera (black and white) - placed on top of H300 

Still picture TV camera VSPN 303

3x zoom;

Sync flash

auto focus; 

Controllable shutter

Underwater camera is more than just take pictures and share the function, rather than serious photography, so in their own underwater control range within the choice of configuration, combined with their own economic situation to buy, is the right idea. Here is the discussion, Underwater Camera should be to the entry level of the diver recommended underwater camera, when it comes to entry, here it is necessary to include two aspects of the content, one diving skills entry level, underwater control capacity is limited; the second is underwater photography Just started, may be no basis for photography.