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Underwater Camera Three Anti - Performance
May 26, 2017

With the advent of summer, the island tour of the heart is ready, underwater camera for the island tour is essential.

Underwater camera with easy to use modular design, Underwater Camera and has a high portability, and the price is also very kind.

Underwater camera diving depth of 30 meters, designed for outdoor enthusiasts, filmmakers and geeks to prepare. Underwater Camera Fathom One is fully modular and has almost half of the price in terms of price.

Almost everyone can easily Fathom One assembled, it has a very high portability, wherever it can be assembled anytime, anywhere, after use and then open. Both for professional users, but also for ordinary enthusiasts.

Underwater camera has excellent three anti-performance, with waterproof, shock, cold characteristics, which waterproof level to IPX8 level, 14 meters underwater stable shooting; with 2 meters drop impact design, equivalent to IPX6 level; In the cold, the camera can work at minus 10 degrees.

16 million pixels, F2 aperture. It is worth mentioning that, in order to facilitate the user macro shooting, WG-M2 in the lens is equipped with six LED macro lights, Underwater Camera through the light compensation, the user can watch on the LCD screen can not capture the details of the picture, The brightness of the screen when shooting.