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Underwater Camera With Wide-angle Mode
Aug 11, 2017

The underwater camera can not only shoot high altitude, but also shoot the seabed. Whether it's filming land or the underwater world, it takes a of high-quality underwater cameras to make a good picture.

is more and more, a variety of different prices, different functions of the product Ling Lang everywhere, we should choose? In fact, according to their actual needs, Underwater Camera choose a suitable for their own underwater camera is the kingly.

Underwater cameras feature an underwater camera with a protective performance and excellent quality.

Aperture priority (a) mode takes full advantage of F2.0 Lens: Now carries aperture priority (a) mode. With this feature, you can use the bright F2.0 lens to capture clearer images.

Reliable "Protection" performance: Waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, Underwater Camera anti-pressure and antifreeze--tg-4 is a under any environmental conditions to ensure superior quality of the underwater camera.

Video features: TG-4 is equipped with unique video features such as HD video, Underwater Camera high speed video, and time-lapse video.

High-speed video: Ultra-high speed video in 120 frames/sec or 240 frames/sec. Then replay the high-speed motion through slow motion. In 120 frames/sec, the video size is $number x 480, in 240 frames/sec, for $number x 240.

The maximum recording time for a high-speed video is 20 seconds.

Delay Video: Carry out the function of interval shooting, Underwater Camera achieve sentinel observation photography. With this feature, you can shoot people, stars, and other scenes of movement. Simply set the number of sheets and the interval, the underwater camera can automatically shoot continuous images. Underwater Camera After the filming is complete, the underwater camera can generate a maximum of 10 seconds of time-lapse video (99 photos) *. With this feature, you can watch a continuous photo like a movie.

Outdoor shooting function

A variety of underwater shooting mode: In the previous model, the underwater camera must be set to carry out a comprehensive, detailed adjustment in order to get beautiful underwater photos. Underwater Camera TG-4 mode dials new underwater mode. Just choose one of five underwater settings according to the scene, and you can shoot beautiful underwater images.

Underwater capture: This model is especially suitable for capturing friends or other objects when diving under water or in shallow waters of a swimming pool. Underwater Camera The settings for each parameter are optimized so that the image is naturally restored even in the bright shallow water.

Underwater Wide Angle (1 and 2): The underwater wide-angle 1 mode is used for common wide-angle underwater photography. This mode optimizes all settings, including Flash, autofocus, and white balance. Underwater Camera You just need to target the underwater camera and press the shutter to get a beautiful underwater wide-angle photo. The underwater wide-angle 2 mode disables the built-in flash and only uses natural light for shooting. This mode is especially useful when you don't want to scare the underwater animals with a flash, Underwater Camera or the flash will reflect a floating object in the water, resulting in more noisy images. Because the preview screen does not appear after each shot, you can continue to shoot dolphins or mantas to avoid missing the perfect moment.

Underwater macro: This mode has been set to fine-tune, the most perfect shrimp, shrimp and tiger fish and other small objects for close shot. Unlike ground shooting, Underwater Camera various floats in the water will block between the underwater camera and the object, causing the photo to blur. In addition, the water will absorb a lot of red light, so the photo is blue tone. To eliminate these obstacles in underwater photography, Underwater Camera the underwater macro mode is set to open for Flash. To take full advantage of the flash, close to the subject, select the underwater macro mode to get the perfect picture.

Underwater HDR: This underwater photography pattern is optimized for balancing the light portions and shadows, changing the exposure of each image, and synthesizing each image to create a highly dynamic range of images.

Real-time synthesis: to produce an image by extracting and synthesizing the Do Zhanglian of the image. In this way, you can easily photograph beautiful city lights, stars, and photo-marks without any difficult operation.

Macro System four-shot mode: microscope mode, microscope control mode, depth of field synthesis mode, focal length siege mode

Automatic Focus Selection: This model is equipped with automatic focus selection function, especially for macro photography. You can easily reposition the automatic focus box to the target location.

+ Built-in WiFi: This underwater camera features high-precision GPS, electronic guides, WiFi, and more.

Shooting mode

Custom mode: Mode dial two new custom modes (C1, C2) for you to save your favorite settings. When you shoot, you can activate your custom settings by simply rotating the dial to achieve fast, Underwater Camera intuitive control without having to adjust your personality settings.

Raw processing: TG-4 can output raw raw images without processing. You can then use the Olympus Viewer 3 software that comes with the underwater camera to process the raw image. This is especially appropriate when you want to fully control contrast and sharpness, as well as other elements of the image to perfectly present your unique style.

Art Filter: TG-4 to build Olympus's renowned art filter function, suitable for still images and video, expand your artistic expression space.

Photo Mode: TG-4 is equipped with photo mode to make photography more interesting. offers a variety of effects to convert your photos into unique artwork.

Interval shooting and time-lapse video: TG-4 with interval shooting, you can choose from 1 seconds to 24 hours for the interval, shooting up to 99 photos. With this feature, you can shoot landscapes with magnificent movement. In addition, the underwater camera can be delayed video of the form played at intervals of still photos, the longest 10 seconds.