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Underwater Robot
Jan 23, 2017

Also known as unmanned underwater robot remote-controlled submersibles, is a kind of the ultimate robot working under water.

Underwater environment danger, people diving depth is limited, so underwater robots have become an important tool for development of marine. Unmanned remote-controlled submersibles are: wireless remote control and cable remote control submersible two, including self-propelled cable remote-controlled submersibles are divided into the water, towage and can crawl on the seabed structures in three species.

On March 19, 2015, China built the first deepwater multi-purpose ship-sea deepwater equipment testing, 286, underwater robots will be a red flag for the first time insert the seabed nearly 3000 meters water depth, this is the first time underwater robot inserts the five-starred red flag almost 3000 meters depth of the South China Sea