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Underwater Structure And Function
Jan 23, 2017

Typical remote-controlled submersibles is composed of surface equipment (including control units, cables, winches, lifting equipment, power supply systems, and so on) and underwater equipment (including repeaters and dive for the body). Diving body propeller in the water sports, body is equipped with observation devices (cameras, cameras, lights, etc) and operating devices (manipulators, cutting, cleaning, etc).

Diving under the water and operations is determined by the operator control and monitoring on water carriers. Cable to power the body, and the exchange of information. Repeater may reduce the disturbance of body movement. New dive from simple remote control to monitor developments, namely by the mothership and dive for the body computers exercise hierarchical control, it can to process information, environment and internal state model is established. Operator through human-computer interaction system based on process-oriented abstract symbols or language order, and accept the information processed by computer, on the operation of submersible and course of action for monitoring and troubleshooting. Started to develop intelligent underwater robot system. Operator only issued a general task, the robot will be according to the identification and analysis of environmental, automated planning, avoiding obstacles, and independent action to complete assigned tasks.

The development trend of unmanned cable submersible has the following advantages: one is the water depth generally 6000 m; the second is the control system by means of large-capacity computer, the implementation of information and digital control three submersible robot using multifunctional force feedback control system: four is to increase the number of propulsion and power, to increase the capacity of its top flow operation and maneuverability. In addition, special attention the submersible compact and improve their ability of observation.