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Warming Oceans Impacts Fisheries Not Only Threatens Human Health
Jan 23, 2017

The researchers estimated that since 1970, absorbed by the oceans is about 97% of greenhouse gas emissions caused by thermal effect, which has been and will continue to cause ocean temperatures to rise, in the end, will have a huge impact in global fisheries, and human health, also will make it easier to spread of the disease in the tropics has been more of a threat.

Local time on September 5, the World Conservation Union (IUCN) Conference, held in Hawaii, announced the results of the study. Entitled the warming of the sea: report on causes, size, effects, and consequences, 80 scientists from 12 countries around the world warned that warming oceans will be the face of a generation, and the biggest challenge is not yet known.

Ocean to absorb more heat

In the more than 400-page report, the researchers analyzed temperature effects on the various components of the marine ecosystem. But the Director General of the IUCN Global Yingge·andesen also said that uncertainty facing the ocean temperatures are the main, needs more scientists involved in the study.

In 2015, the sea surface temperature reaches highest level since records began. Scientists calculated that if 2 km deep in the surface of the ocean releases heat to the Earth's surface within 10 km of the atmosphere, the Earth's temperature will rise to 36 degrees Celsius. Lucky is that this did not happen.