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LBF-300 Middle-sized 300m-Rated-Depth ROV or Remote Operated Vehicle with Pan Tilt Camera System for Marine Life Case Study Sea Farming and Aquaculture Mornitoring

    ·300m depth rating
    ·Optical umbilical is for transmitting HD video signal in real time
    ·Carrying omnidirectional pan-and-tilt and HD camera
    ·6 propeller propulsion and 4-axis propulsion vector algorithm make it strong impetus and flexible movement
    ·Optical fiber network communication technology, 100M Ethernet TCP framework
    ·Big Dipper/GPS joint positioning system integration
    ·Functions of auto depth and auto cruise control
    ·Simple operation interface and easy to operate
    ·Built-in function of recording video
    ·Stable in performance, no need of frequent maintenance